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Internship Period
1 April 2024 - 31 January 2025
Education Level(s)
Polytechnic, University, Young Working Adults
Chongqing, Chongqing
No. of Opening(s)
SGD 300 - 500
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31 January 2025

Job Description

1、Market promotion and publicity: responsible for the development and implementation of publicity and promotion plan, through the whole domain platform to promote the kindergarten's characteristics and advantages, to attract parents to pay attention to and choose.市场宣传推广:负责制定和实施宣传推广计划,通过全域平台宣传幼儿园的特色和优势,吸引家长关注和选择。
2、Market data analysis and report: responsible for collecting, collating, and analysing enrolment data, preparing enrolment reports, providing a decision-making basis for kindergarten's development and improvement.市场数据分析与报告:负责收集、整理和分析招生数据,编写招生报告,为幼儿园的发展和改进提供决策依据。
3、Development of enrollment policy and enrollment plan: according to the positioning and development needs of the kindergarten, develop enrollment policy and enrollment plan in an organised and targeted manner, and clarify the enrollment goals and directions.制定招生政策和招生计划:根据幼儿园的定位和发展需要,有组织有目标地制定招生政策和招生计划,明确招生目标和方向。
4、Coordination of educational resources:Cooperate closely with the teacher team and other departments to coordinate educational resources and ensure the effective connection and support of enrolment work and teaching work.教育资源协调:与教师团队和其他部门紧密合作,协调教育资源,确保招生工作与教学工作的有效衔接和支持。
5、Establishing and maintaining cooperative relationships: Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with various institutions, organisations and communities to seek enrolment channels and promotional resources to promote the development of the kindergarten.建立和维护合作关系:与各类机构、组织和社区建立和维护合作关系,寻求招生渠道和宣传资源,推动幼儿园的发展。
6、enrolment policy research and adjustment: timely understanding and study of industry dynamics and market demand, adjust enrolment policy, enhance the competitiveness of kindergarten enrolment.招生政策研究和调整:及时了解和研究行业动态和市场需求,调整招生政策,提升幼儿园的招生竞争力。
该实习岗位全年开放 (This position is opening and applying throughout the year)

Internship Requirements

1, fluent in spoken Chinese, able to listen, read, and write.中文口语流畅,能听说读写
2, marketing, advertising, management, and other related professional市场营销、广告、管理等相关专业
3、Active thinking, with keen market insight and a certain degree of analysis and judgment ability.思维活跃,具有敏锐的市场洞察力和一定的分析判断能力。
4、 good professionalism, strong language expression, interpersonal communication, team assistance, and negotiation skills. Strong affinity, a strong sense of responsibility, and execution.具有良好的职业素养,较强的语言表达、人际沟通、团队协助和谈判能力。亲和力强,具有极强的责任心和执行力。

Other Benefits and Welfare

1. Includes three meals per day and accommodation provided
2. Regular health check-up
3. Employee trave and holiday gifts
4. Senior tutors teach one-to-one generation and provide professional course training

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