Sustainability & Climate Change Intern 可持续发展&气候变化实习生

Application Closed
Internship Period
13 May - 2 August 2024
Advanced Manufacturing
Education Level(s)
Guangzhou, Guangdong
No. of Opening(s)
SGD 1001 - 2000
Apply by
29 February 2024

Job Description

About the role:
In this role, you will be part of our Sustainability team in Asia Symbol Guangdong, a member Company of RGE Group in China. You will be working in one of our most established sustainability operation responsible for advancing our RGE2030 sustainability agenda. You will participate in climate & nature-based solutions related projects.

What You'll Do:
• Research and benchmark world best practices & policies to support corporate climate & nature-based solutions projects in 2024, including carbon capture and utilization, mangroves conservation and/or solar projects.
• Design new & creative ideas for sustainability awareness-raising initiatives at the company, targeting the Gen-z staff crowd.
• Organize other corporate events in support of 2030 sustainable goals.

How You'll Grow:
• Opportunity to work in one of the largest and technologically advanced fine paper manufacturer in the world.
• Learn from leading Chinese intellectual minds in the field of carbon markets, carbon capture, nature-based solutions and climate change.
• Receive coaching and mentoring from the Sustainability Director.
• Get hands-on experience with an operational focus in the field of sustainability.
• Build network in Guangzhou and gain exposure to Chinese business culture.

亚太森博(广东)是金鹰集团在中国的子公司之一,您将在我们最成熟的可持续发展团队工作,负责推进RGE 2030可持续发展议程,参与气候和可持续发展解决方案相关项目。

• 研究并对标国际最佳范例、实践和政策,来辅助设计或执行集团2024年的气候&自然解决方案的项目,包括但不限于:碳捕捉、红树林修复和保护、和光伏项目;
• 设计有创意的新举措,在集团新生代员工中推广可持续发展意识;
• 组织其他集团活动,来落实集团2030可持续发展目标。

• 获得其中一家世界最大、管理最佳、技术最先进的纸业集团工作经验;
• 有机会向中国最富盛名的碳市场、碳捕捉、自然解决方案和气候变化领域的专家学习和请教;
• 可持续发展部门总监直接指导并辅导;
• 获得可持续发展赛道一线实操经验;
• 搭建广州的人脉并熟悉中国的商务文化。

Internship Requirements

• Singapore citizens with current enrolment in an undergraduate course majoring in ecology, environmental science, natural resources, sustainability or data science;
• Excellent in both English and Mandarin;
• Excellent research or data analytics skills;
• Eager to learn and strong desire to develop a sustainability career.

• 生态学,环境科学,自然资源,可持续发展或数据分析学科新加坡籍学生;
• 优秀的英语、普通话听说读写能力;
• 优秀的研究或数据分析能力;
• 善于学习,渴望进入可持续发展赛道。

Other Benefits and Welfare

Stipend SGD 2000 or RMB equivalent
Round trip air tickets and free accommodation.

Application Closed

About the Company

RGE operates at the heart of the bio economy. Headquartered in Singapore, we employ over 60,000 people worldwide and own assets exceeding US$30 billion. With operations in Indonesia, China, Brazil, Canada and Spain, we are a leading player in Renewable Carbon, Transition Energy and Decarbonisation market.
We plant 1.5 million trees every day, which turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, from which we create bio-based products used by billions of people every day around the world.
We create a greener, more sustainable world for living today and for future generations tomorrow. Our sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable natural fibers and edible oils are used to produce materials for paper, tissue, surgical masks, cooking oil, shampoo, soap, diapers, clothes, and hundreds of daily essentials. Our natural gas powers millions of homes, and our new ventures in biodiesel will help decarbonize aviation, maritime and land transportation.
As a responsible member of the global economy, we are guided by our core purpose to do good for the Community, Country, Climate, Customer, and only then will it be good for our Company. Our 2030 commitment to conserve one hectare of land for every hectare we plant on is unparalleled in the industry.
Being a member of RGE, you become a part of our global community of professionals making meaningful contribution to the world we live in. A career with RGE is a mission towards greater good.

我们每天种植 150 万棵树,将二氧化碳转化为氧气,并从中创造出供全球数十亿人使用的优质产品。
我们为现今生活和子孙后代创造一个更加绿色、可持续的世界。 我们的可持续产品天然纤维和食用油具有可回收、可生物降解的特点,用于生产纸张、纸巾、医用口罩、食用油、洗发水、肥皂、尿布、衣服和数百种日常必需品。我们的天然气为数百万家庭提供能源,我们在生物柴油方面的新征程将助力航空、海运和内陆运输行业脱碳。
加入金鹰集团,您将成为我们全球专业团队一员,为我们生活的世界做出有意义的贡献。 与金鹰同行,共创美好生活!

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