Business Development & Sales Specialist

Application Closed
Internship Period
1 October 2023 - 25 March 2024
Education Level(s)
Hangzhou, Zhejiang
No. of Opening(s)
CNY 2500-4000
Apply by
24 September 2023

Job Description

As the Business Development & Sales specialist, the candidate must be creative and
passionate about delivering premium experience to customers to drive sales rather than typical retailers' promotion tactics. The candidate required to work closely with various product sales divisions to gain alignment on sales strategies and tactics, while delivering post-mortem analysis and reports.
Job duties include, but are not limited to:
• Manage business negotiations: Work with external partners to develop sales strategy and
promotion plans to meet various consumer needs and provide relevant benefits.
• Overseas Business Development & Partnership: Lead and support new B2B account
development. They responsible for external business & sales related communications
related to business term negotiation, contracts, and approvals. Identifying and researching
opportunities that come up in new and existing markets.
• Overseas Marketing Strategy: Lead and support the marketing and sales purpose in the
company and work together with the social media Team to create the campaign plan for
the targeted market. Assisting international and China business development team.
• Business Development Plan: Analyze and monitor business growth and decline, as well as
provide possible short-term and long-term solutions and ways to increase productivity and
sales. Preparing and delivering pitches and presentations to potential new partners and
clients. (Based on the region that candidate assisted)
• Make key business decision: Lead and support other functional areas from operation to
customer service to grow business from various aspects of business.
• Sales Initiatives: Familiar with all products and services offered by our company and
managing virtual and in-person sales meetings.

This position is opening throughout the year.

Internship Requirements

To do this job, you need to be:
• Good understanding of the market: Familiar with the market in Overseas market (specifically
for: Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Argentina).
• Flexible & creative: The Overseas Business Development & Sales senior specialist can create
a new approaching methods and promotion plan.
• A good communicator: Highly developed communication & interpersonal skills, able to
build relationships and interact comfortably with a wide range of levels in the organization:
from senior executives to support staff within and outside of the company.
• An independent individual: Self-motivated and able to work with limited supervision. The
candidate must be able work under pressure and follow the KPI.
•A team player: The candidate must collaborate with the Marketing, and Social Media teams
to deliver value to customers and get things done. Each month, candidate must provide
monthly reports that include BD leads and sales leads, and sales deals.
• Sales: The candidate also must be an aggressive and efficient to make a good sale.
• Proactive, responsible, and confident: When things don't go as planned, the candidate to
quickly report the situation to the line manager and propose decisions that support company goals.

Qualifications and experience
• The person must be a Native English speaker with a good Spanish or Native English
speaker with a good Chinese in both written and spoken.
• Self-motivated and willingness to push the boundary and hold others’ accountability.
• An Associate’s degree in Marketing or Business or related field.
• The candidate must perform based on the given KPI, if the person cannot fulfil the KPI with
the time given, the contract will be terminated.

Other Benefits and Welfare

living allowance: 200 USD/per month

Application Closed

About the Company






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