Overseas Recruitment Trainee

Application Closed
Internship Period
1 August - 30 November 2024
Education Level(s)
Polytechnic, University, Young Working Adults
Shenzhen, Guangdong
No. of Opening(s)
SGD 501-800
Apply by
24 June 2024

Job Description

1. Expand overseas recruitment channels, and be able to independently analyze the effectiveness of relevant channel usage, including but not limited to Southeast Asia, South America, North America, Europe, etc;
2. Responsible for resume selection, intention communication, situation tracking, interview and appointment, etc;
3. Summarize the problems in recruitment, propose rationalization suggestions for optimizing systems and processes, and complete recruitment analysis reports;
4. Continuously updates and iterate the collection of employment laws and regulations in various overseas recruitment regions, as well as conduct salary research;
5. Track and collect talent trends in the same industry, complete the industry talent pool, and attract talents to join the company.

Internship Requirements

1.English can be used as the working language;
2.Familiar with foreign culture and laws and regulations, familiar with overseas recruitment channel resources;
3.Priority will be given to those with practical experience in overseas recruitment and successful delivery experience;
4.Skilled in work review, possessing a continuous iterative awareness and ability;
5.Good ability in official document writing, proficient in using various office software;
5. Good service awareness and teamwork spirit, meticulous work, and agile thinking;
6. Possess strong communication skills, a strong sense of purpose, self-discipline, and a proactive attitude.

Other Benefits and Welfare

Business Insurance, free accommodation, festival gifts

Application Closed

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