Market Research Analyst

2023年10月1日 - 2024年3月25日
杭州, 浙江
人民币 2500-4000


We are seeking a highly skilled and analytical individual to join our team as a Market Research
Analyst and Business Development assistant. In this role, you will be responsible for conducting
comprehensive market research to identify pain points and opportunities for developing innovative applications that address customer needs. Your primary objective will be to provide actionable insights and recommendations to guide our application development strategy.
1. Conduct thorough market research:
- Identify target markets, customer segments, and pain points through primary and secondary
research methods.
- Analyze market trends, competitor offerings, and customer feedback to identify gaps and
- Utilize various research techniques, such as surveys, interviews, focus groups, and data analysis, to gather relevant insights.
2. Identify and prioritize pain points:
- Analyze research findings to identify pain points and challenges faced by potential customers.
- Prioritize pain points based on their impact, feasibility, and market demand.
- Collaborate with cross-functional teams to validate pain points and gather additional insights.
3. Provide application development recommendations:
- Based on research findings, propose potential application ideas that address identified pain
- Evaluate the feasibility, market potential, and technical requirements of each application concept.
- Collaborate with product managers, designers, and developers to refine and prioritize application ideas.
4. Develop business cases and recommendations:
- Prepare detailed business cases for selected application concepts, including market analysis,
competitive landscape, and revenue projections.
- Provide actionable recommendations on the most viable application concepts to pursue.
- Present findings, insights, and recommendations to stakeholders, including senior management.
5. Monitor industry trends and emerging technologies:
- Stay up-to-date with industry trends, emerging technologies, and market dynamics.
- Identify potential disruptions or opportunities that may impact the application development
- Continuously evaluate and refine the application development roadmap based on market
6. Support product & business development team to execute product building and business

This position is opening throughout the year.


To do this job, you need to be:
• Good understanding of the market: Familiar with the market in Overseas market
(specifically for: North America and Latin America).
• Flexible & creative: The candidate can assist the team to create the products that meet
the demands of our clients.
• A good communicator: Highly developed communication & interpersonal skills, able to
build relationships and interact comfortably with a wide range of levels in the
organization: from senior executives to support staff within and outside of the company.
• An independent individual: Self-motivated and able to work with limited supervision.
The candidate must be able work under pressure and follow the KPI.
• A team player: The candidate must collaborate with the Marketing, and Social Media
teams to deliver value to customers and get things done. Each month, candidate must
provide monthly reports that include BD leads and sales leads, and sales deals.

- Bachelor's degree in business, marketing, market research, or a related field.
- Strong analytical skills with the ability to interpret complex data and draw actionable insights.
- Proficiency in using market research tools, data analysis software, and statistical techniques.
- Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, with the ability to present findings and recommendations effectively.
- Strong business acumen and understanding of market dynamics.
- Ability to work collaboratively in cross-functional teams and manage multiple projects
- Detail-oriented, organized, and able to meet deadlines.
- Knowledge of emerging technologies, mobile applications, and software development processes is a plus.


living allowance : 200 USD/per month








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