Internship at Ant Group's International Data Algorithm Technology Department

2024年5月1日 - 8月31日
理工学院, 大学, 应届毕业生
杭州, 浙江
新币 801-1000


Ant Group's International Data Algorithm Technology Department is currently seeking passionate and innovative R&D engineers to participate in the development of Ant's in-house privacy computing platform. In this position, you will have the opportunity to collaborate closely with experts in the field of privacy computing, and contribute to the research and implementation of privacy computing technology in international financial scenarios.

Participate in the construction of Ant's privacy computing platform, including system design, programming development, testing, and deployment, to create cutting-edge privacy computing capabilities.

Contribute to the research and implementation of core privacy computing algorithms, including but not limited to federated learning, multi-party secure computation, and differential privacy.

Drive the application of privacy computing technology in financial technology and other fields, ensuring compliance and privacy security in data collaboration with partners, and achieving win-win cooperation.

Gain comprehensive understanding of Ant's international financial technology business development, and actively practice and promote the application and research of privacy computing, large-scale models, and other cutting-edge technologies in inclusive finance.


Master's degree or above in Engineering, Computer Science, or a related field.

Solid foundation in Java, understanding of JVM principles, and good programming skills in Java IO, multithreading, networking, etc.

Familiarity with Spring, MyBatis, and understanding of common Java frameworks such as Tomcat and their operational principles.

Familiarity with database design (preferably MySQL), excellent SQL writing and optimization skills, familiarity with common NoSQL storage such as HBase, Memcached, Redis, MongoDB, etc.

Strong communication and expression skills, passion for technology R&D, quick learning ability, emphasis on code quality, and good knowledge of software engineering and coding standards.

Practical and research experience in privacy computing is preferred; solid foundation in machine learning algorithms is preferred.



Ant International believes in the power of small and beautiful changes. We are dedicated to building the future of global commerce in an inclusive and prosperous ecosystem with digital innovations, where everyone and every business may thrive.

Ant International strives to become the most trusted digital services connector to achieve sustainable growth of global commerce through close collaboration with policymakers, industry players and business sectors.

As part of our commitment to long-term and sustainable value creation, the Ant International Foundation will focus on emerging issues around environmental protection, promotion of more digital inclusion for the underserved communities and cultivation of digital leadership and talents to bring transformative changes to their communities.

Ant International is the international business unit of Ant Group.

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