Interaction Design Intern, User Design Center, Shanghai

2023年10月1日 - 2024年12月31日
大学, 应届毕业生
上海, 上海
人民币 4001-5000


*This position is opening throughout the year.

1. Responsible for the exploration and implementation of cross-departmental innovation projects of UC Design and Research Institute, and provide support to other relevant projects of UC Design and Research Institute;
2. Be able to self-drive from the market trend and user experience, carry out collaboration with key personnel across departments, design and implement cross-department innovative product solutions, comprehensively follow up the production and research process and relevant data analysis after launch;
3. Correctly use various design methods, combine user feedback and data to deduce experience design schemes and ensure verification and optimization of results;
4. Go deep into the business, cooperate with multiple parties, and communicate efficiently, transparently and openly with the team about the support, progress, risk and effect required by the project.


1. Proficiency in Mandarin;
2. Attendance of at least three working days per week, and the duration of internship will be no less than 3 months;
3. Love design, have UX design experience in large Internet companies, and UI design experience is preferred;
3. Excellent product thinking ability and data analysis ability;
4. Have open and excellent communication and cooperation promotion ability, as well as complex project management and promotion experience.



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