Business China organises first online sharing session with on Youth Interns Exchange Scheme (YES)

On 16 April, Business China successfully organised the first online sharing session with, where 137 participants had the opportunity to learn more about YES and China’s travel industry.

The webinar, entitled “Embarking your Future with YES: Zooming into China's Travel Industry” with aims to bring awareness to students on YES and internship opportunities in China’s travel industry. It also aims to prepare students so that they are more confident in preparing themselves for future overseas internships.

The session commenced with a sharing session on Business China, YES and China’s travel industry with Besides sharing’s corporate information, they also shed light on their recruitment strategies and internship program – International General Trainee (IGT). Through this webinar, the attendees also learned about’s recruitment strategies and company culture.

The attendees participated actively during the Question and Answer (Q&A) segment, raising many questions pertaining to the official launch of YES and the application process. The session was well received with many raising strong interest in applying for an internship under the YES. Business China aims to enable students to be more confident in preparing themselves for future overseas internships through this webinar.

Our sincerest appreciation to Group and NUS Centre for Future-ready Graduates (CFG) for supporting this session, and to all who participated.

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