Android Developer 实习

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Internship Period
To be confirmed
Education Level(s)
Polytechnic, University, Young Working Adults
Chongqing, Chongqing
No. of Opening(s)
SGD 500-800
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Job Description

• Participate in the development and technical implementation of Android terminal device applications.
• Collaborate with the technical leader to develop original project.

• 参与Android终端设备应用程序的开发和技术实现。
• 与技术leader合作开发独立项目。

Internship Requirements

• Have at least half a year of professional experience with Android programming, Java and other computer programming languages.
• Working knowledge of object-oriented programming ideas and design mode.
• Experience with Android framework and APIs.
• Excellent verbal communication and independent analysis skills.
• Passion for producing code.
• Being responsible, curious, creative and desire for learning.
• Current year 3 or final year undergraduate students, young graduates and current final year polytechnic students with relevant experience and proven record are welcome to apply.

• 有半年以上Android 编程经验,有扎实的Java语言基础,有着良好的编码习惯。
• 熟悉面向对象化编程思想和设计模式,并能灵活运用到开发中。
• 熟悉 Android 相关的 framework 和 API。
• 沟通能力强,有责任心,能够独立分析问题。
• 工作拼搏,责任心强,创业型人才。
• 充满好奇心,享受coding,学习能力强,有代码洁癖。

About the Company

Chongqing Youloft Technology Co. Ltd. was established in 2010, building a mobile Internet technology entrepreneurial accelerator as a breakthrough, consolidating the basis for the development of Internet technology; focusing on enhancing the hatching ability to create a new platform.

With government’s support, Youloft (Chongqing) Technology Co. Ltd. adopts modern enterprise and technology management operation model, cultivating new technology industry for mobile Internet, taking low cost and high-quality service as the main strength to support entrepreneurial accelerator.

Youloft (Chongqing) Technology Co. Ltd. has some branches, and the main ones are Calendar Tech, Youqi Tech, Nineton Tech, and some other innovative Internet companies.

The company has grown from the original three founders to a team of about 600 people, covering Chongqing, Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing, Hongkong, and Singapore. Youloft Technology Co., Ltd. ranks the top among the mobile Internet company in Chongqing city. The main product is Wannianli App that has over 300 million users, ranking first in calendar Apps.

Taking the responsibility to speed up mobile Internet, Youloft (Chongqing) Technology Co., Ltd. operates under the slogan of “Try out Quickly, Users First, Result Driven, Win-Win, Focus, Figures Speak and Data Decide”. Given the quick-developing of mobile Internet, this company makes full use of available workers, technologies and Network traffic to expand more products, enrich the content, broaden products line and create a perfect product matrix, striving to become one of the pillars in mobile Internet.

优路科技秉承着”快速试错、用户至上、结果导向、共赢、极简、 用数据说话、用数据决策“为理念,以促进移动互联网的发展为己任。并顺应移动互联网的高速发展,充分利用现有技术、人员及流量优势,扩大现有产品投入规模,丰富产品内容,扩展产品线,打造完整的产品矩阵,力争成为移动互联网支柱企业之一。

1. Wannianli App, with more than 300 million users, is the main product of Calendar (Chongqing) Technology Co. Ltd. It takes the lead in calendar Apps at the iOS as well as Android platform. Now, this company has moved into games industry. A lot of popular games has been produced having over 100 million yuan in turnover.

2. Youqi (Chongqing)Technology Co. Ltd. was established in 2012, and it is a technology innovation company which focuses on mobile Internet product development and operation of science.

3. The main brand product is Shuxiangyunji App, which is one of the best digital content platforms in China, providing high-quality reading content and intelligent reading experience for 100 million users. With over 100,000 copies of genuine digital content, it is a comprehensive platform integrating content creation, platform digital content production and sales as well as copyright derivative development.

4. At present, in addition to deep-level cooperation with hundreds of original websites and publishing house, Shuxiang Content Platform also has two original literary brands, Datang Chinese Website and Anxia Academy. The number of employees exceeds 70, of which the core technology R & D personnel account for more than 70%.

5. Nineton (Chongqing)Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, and it is a high-tech innovation enterprise which focuses on the research and development of mobile Internet products. Its main businesses are mobile App, mobile advertising platform. These two parts complement each other. App with tens of millions of users provides traffic distribution support for mobile advertising platform. Mobile advertising platform provides guarantee for App traffic monetization. The strong distribution ability can quickly promote the product. So far, the traffic matrix model has basically formed. The company products serve Tens of millions of users. Additionally, it is one of the few mobile Internet companies in Southwest that has millions of users

1、 可兰达科技主营产品万年历App,在iOS平台日历工具类占据领先位置、Android平台排名靠前,累计用户已超3亿。现大力发展游戏产业,目前已出品多款热门游戏,流水超亿元。

2、 重庆优启科技有限公司成立于2012年,是一家专注于移动互联网产品研发及运营的科技型创新公司。
旗下主营品牌产品书香云集是国内最优秀的数字内容平台之一,为一亿用户提供高品质阅读内容和智能化阅读体验,正版数字内容逾十万册,是一家集内容创作、平台数字内容制作销售及版权衍生开发的综合性平台。 目前书香内容平台除与数百家原创网站及出版社有深层次合作之外,还自有两家原创文学品牌,大唐中文网及安夏书院。员工人数超过70人,其中核心技术研发人员占比超过70%。

3、 重庆市九吨科技有限公司成立于2013年5月,是一家专注移动互联网产品研发的科技型创新企业。 旗下主要分为两块业务:移动App、移动广告平台。这两块相辅相成,数千万用户体量的App为移动广告平台提供了流量分发支撑,移动广告平台为App流量变现提供了保证,强大的分发能力能够让产品迅速的推广出去。截至至今,流量矩阵模式基本形成,公司产品服务数千万用户,成为西南地区为数不多的用户数跨越千万用户大关的移动互联网公司。

The colleagues here are cute and passionate: they like to get together and share the office gossip; they also work hard for a case all night.

We are young but we are focuses!

The world is so big, why not take a look?

Let’s start from Chongqing, a mysterious city!

We sincerely welcome you to join us!

这里的同事很可爱,思维也很嗨。会谈无聊八卦,也会为了case熬红眼 。我们年轻,我们专注。世界那么大,你难道不想来“这里”看看?



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