Business support intern/ Waterdrop Fundraising 业务支持实习生/水滴筹

Opening Soon
Internship Period
To be confirmed
Education Level(s)
University, Young Working Adults
Beijing, Beijing
No. of Opening(s)
SGD ≥1001
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Job Description

1. 对业务流程能够快速的了解并能进行深度分析,定位关键点,提供完整的解决方案且有闭环;
2. 拥有积极地服务意识和服务心态,敏锐地洞察力,善于发现问题,分析问题,解决问题,为城市团队开展业务提供有力保障。
3. 对于业务物要有一定的思考,开发适合业务场景的物料品类,达到业务宣传目的。
4. 沟通协调能力强,能够独立与各个部门进行业务对接

Business support intern
1. Fast understanding and deep analysis of business processes, locating key points, providing complete solutions and closed loop
2. With positive service consciousness and service mentality, keen insight, good at finding problems, analyzing problems, solving problems, and providing strong guarantee for the city team to carry out business.
3. Have certain thoughts on business materials, develop materials suitable for business scenarios, and achieve the purpose of business publicity
4. Strong communication and coordination skills, able to conduct business docking with various departments independently.

Internship Requirements

1. 有服务意识,抗压性强;
2. 能够结构化思考问题,形成可落地的策略方案输出,有较强的推动能力,强逻辑思考
3. 表达能力强,有耐心,同时善于沟通,自我驱动能力极强
4. 本科以上学历;熟练使用office办公软件;

1. Service consciousness, strong ability to work under pressure
2. Able to think structurally and produce actionable output of strategies and plans;
3. Strong ability to push and think logically;
4. Bachelor  degree and above, proficient at office software.

Other Benefits and Welfare


Free rich nutrition breakfast, professional training, rich group activities and community groups, good  prospect.

About the Company


Waterdrop Inc. is the first platform of Internet health insurance in China, which was founded in April 2016. Waterdrop Insurance and Waterdrop Mutual is one important part of business  section, Waterdrop Fundraising and Waterdrop Health compose the social responsibility of public section ,two sections together constitute the complete advance guarantee + afterwards relief insurance system, whitch make the Internet to booster the people using Internet technology to boost the masses of people have insurance can be used for medical treatment and  fulfill the mission of protecting hundreds of millions of families. 

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