R&D Engineer intern/ R&D 研发实习生/研发

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Internship Period
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Education Level(s)
Polytechnic, University, Young Working Adults
Beijing, Beijing
No. of Opening(s)
SGD ≥1001
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Job Description

1. 参与产品研发工作,完成功能模块的详细设计、代码编写以及单元测试,代码规范、逻辑清晰、可维护性强。
2. 能够对系统建设从自己的角度思考,并提出有建设性的建议。

R&D Engineer intern
1. Participate in product research and development, complete the detailed design of functional module code writing and unit testing, code specification with clear logic and easy to maintain.
2. Good at thinking about the system construction from their own perspective and able to contribute constructive suggestions.

Internship Requirements

1. 具备优秀的计算机专业基础知识(算法、数据结构、操作系统、网络、数据库等)
2. 熟悉Java及面向对象设计开发
3. 对技术充满热情、渴望技术成长,逻辑能力强、沟通表达好、有一定抗压能力。
4. 有项目经验者优先

1. Excellent basic computer knowledge including algorithm, data structure, OS, network, database;
2. Familiar with Java and object-oriented design and development;
3. Passionate about technology, eager for technical growth, strong logical ability, good communication skills and ability to work under pressure.;
4. Project experience is preferred.

Other Benefits and Welfare


Free rich nutrition breakfast, professional training, rich group activities and community groups, good  prospect.

About the Company


Waterdrop Inc. is the first platform of Internet health insurance in China, which was founded in April 2016. Waterdrop Insurance and Waterdrop Mutual is one important part of business  section, Waterdrop Fundraising and Waterdrop Health compose the social responsibility of public section ,two sections together constitute the complete advance guarantee + afterwards relief insurance system, whitch make the Internet to booster the people using Internet technology to boost the masses of people have insurance can be used for medical treatment and  fulfill the mission of protecting hundreds of millions of families. 

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